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Infographic Template Ready-Made

Ready-made Excel Infographic Template with a special design. Professional, beautiful and unique, suitable for presentations that need to stand out.

📌These Infographic Templates can be applied to various presentations, without limiting to work industry whether it Sales, Marketing, Management, Inventory, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Training, Engineering, Plant, and more. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We will be happy to help recommend a template that will suit your needs.

We know it takes time to make these Excel graphs stand out or having to manually adjust infographic in PowerPoint. Don’t waste your time building it yourself or keep struggle with PowerPoint. Just put the numbers in and it works! There are many designs to choose from. Contact for more details via email: [email protected]

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Bar Charts
Butterfly Charts
Column Charts
Stacked Column Charts
Combo Charts
Gantt Chart
Gauge Charts
Line Charts
Pie Charts
Doughnut Charts
Progress Pie Charts
Radar Charts
Timeline Charts
Waffle Charts
Waterfall Charts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our ready-made templates have VBA to direct the function of the automatic buttons, including the calculation of graph proportions. Therefore cannot be used with Google Sheets or Excel Online.

These templates will work on Desktop Excel version 2013 or higher. No need to install other programs or additional add-ins.

Our ready-made templates have VBA to direct automatic functions and must enable Macro before use. The file will be Excel file with .xlsm extension.

Each template has different capabilities, but in principle, almost everything can be customized, for example:
✅ Change color
✅ Change Icon
✅ Change topic and messages
✅ Change Font
✅ Change font size and different elements
✅ Hide parts If you don’t want to use

Can be done by using the automatic button or pressing the unlock button and adjusting the parts. as needed

Although templates are very flexible in customizing components, our ready-made templates have VBA directives to automate button actions, including the proportions of the graph. Therefore, the number of graphs cannot be increased. The maximum number of graph that can be used is as shown in each product sample picture.

The file can be reused unlimited number of times for any number of projects, just download and store the original file on your computer. It can be used for a lifetime, whether it’s a formal project or colorful ones, just change the color and move things around to create a new piece of work that feels different from the original.

It can be copied to put in other programs such as PowerPoint or Email, there will be an automatic Copy button, press the button 1 time and CTRL+V to paste in other programs.

However, there are many types of placement. General layout CTRL+V may cause the graph to be inaccurate depending on the program version and other settings  of the computer. This is normal for Microsoft Office. 

Placement that will give the most accurate results. is to paste as a picture (Paste as Picture).

3 months of free post-purchase support is available! can see details and the scope of help can be found here

Once the payment is completed, you will receive an email with a link to download.

The link is valid for 1 year and can be downloaded 5 times. If the file is lost, you can go back to Download at the link in the email or if you login to the system of the website before checkout, you can login and download all purchased files from the Profile page.

What if within 1 year there are more than 5 downloads?
You can contact us at [email protected] with order number for approval of additional downloads.

Please noted that the website reserves the right of approval. But don’t worry, the approval is based on download history if there are no abnormalities that might indicate copyright infringement, the request will be granted for additional downloads.

We have customization Service, you can contact us via email [email protected] for details and prices.

The price for Multi-Purpose on the website is the price for Personal license (Single-user License)* for 1 user – can not issue receipts in the name of the company.

It can be used in personal work such as making presentations or reports to use the finished work or “End Product” in the presentation without giving any credit, but not allowing to use template files that are not finished works whether in whole or in part, to transmit, distribute, publish or resell.

For Multi-Users or billing under company name please email us at [email protected] for quotation.