T039 Sweet Butterfly Chart


ℹ For 1 person and personal use only.
For Multi-Users or billing under company name please email us at [email protected] for quotation.

Product Details

💢 Excel Butterfly Chart

Automatic Template T039 suitable for left-right comparison charts. Can be used from 1-12 pairs (cannot increase the number of graphs)
✏ Automatic Features for General users
1. Graph automatically adjusted according to input numbers
2. Change input format (Number, Currency, Percentage)
3. Hide Title, Sub Title
4. Add/remove graphs automatically according to the input
5. Change the chart color and change back to the default color conveniently by pressing buttons
6. Randomly select chart color conveniently by pressing buttons
7. Change and hide Icon
8. Change and hide the higher side indicator.
9. Increase and decrease the size of the pencil
10. Hide Textbox
11. Add images and icons

12. Copy all charts and paste them into PowerPoint or other programs

✏ Manual Feature for Advance users
13. In addition to the automatic buttons, able to unlock to move or modify parts of the graph as needed.

*Suitable for Advance users only, please proceed carefully as it may cause an error.

✅ A detailed user manual is in the file (In Thai but buttons are in English and easy to understand).
⚠ Note: Excel Butterfly Chart
1. Compatible with Microsoft Excel Desktop Version 2013 and above.
2. File contain VBA (Macro), have to enable Macro in order to use the template.
3. The graph may move slightly depending on each computer setting/specification. This can be fixed simply by moving the object as usual method.
4. If the computer does not have the font that is set in the template, the display on your screen will not match the picture 100%. If you are not sure about the font, you can inquire font name by email or Facebook page: sweetexcelbymd. However, most of our templates use the font that comes with Microsoft Office 365.